Cloth Diaper Descriptions

Most cloth diapering websites do not give instructions on how to use their products. There is no tutorial on how to put it together/take it apart and get it on an actual child. I think we all can admit that is a serious oversight!  In order to streamline your cloth diapering education, I have created a free series of cloth diapering tutorial videos for you. If you live in the St. Louis Area, I will be happy to come to your house to give you a hands-on consultation of all the different types of cloth diapers. Below are some cloth diaper descriptions that should be read in addition to watching the HineyTales tutorial videos.

Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers are the most popular cloth diaper on the market. Each diaper has a gap or “pocket” in between the soft inside layer and the waterproof outside layer.
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All-In-One Diapers

All-In-One (AIO) Diapers are easily the most convenient cloth diaper available today. The absorbency is sewn or snapped right into the diaper, just like a disposable!
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Fitted Diapers

If absorbency is your primary goal, Fitted Diapers are just what you need. Available in organic cotton or durable hemp fabrics, they give unparalleled wetness protection while remaining soft and breathable.
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Prefold Diapers

Prefolds are by far the most economical cloth diaper you can buy. If you’re interested in saving as much money as you can, and are willing to put forth a bit more effort, these are the perfect match for you.
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Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are wonderfully versatile! They should be paired with any microfiber inserts, a prefold, or a fitted diaper.
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