Why Choose Cloth?

  • Cost-effective, Reusable, and Resellable

    Cloth diapers will save families thousands of dollars over the course of their diapering lifetime. And that savings is only for one child! Well-made cloth diapers will be able to be used for second and sometimes third children. While prices for indiviudal diapers varies greatly by type, all cloth diapering options are ultimately cheaper than disposables. If you average using 9 diapers per day and your child needs to be in diapers for 30 months, that averages out to be over 8,000 diapers for just one child. If the average disposable costs 25 cents than it would be $2,000 for just the first year! On the other hand, people will spend between $300-$1000 on their entire cloth diapering stash and accessories, which can be reused for your second child.

  • Easy to Use

    Modern craftsmanship, more absorbant fabrics, and innovative new designs have made cloth diapers a breeze to use and just as effective as disposables. Additionally, no more last-minute running to the store for more diapers! As long as you can do laundry, you will have diapers available for your child.

  • Non-Toxic

    Human skin acts much like a sponge. It can absorb harmful chemicals that are used in disposable diapers like dioxin and Tributyl-tin.Traces of dioxin are a by-product of paper bleaching for the diapers and is concidered the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals (Allsopp, Michelle. Achieving Zero Dioxin: An emergency strategy for dioxin elimination. September 1994. Greenpeace). Tributyl-tin is a toxin known to alter hormonal levels in animals and humans (Greenpeace. New Tests Confirm TBT Poison in Procter & Gamble’s Pampers: Greenpeace Demands World-Wide Ban of Organotins in All Products. 15 May 2000). Cloth diapers are also gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and are much more breathable than disposables, which reduces the incidence of diaper rash.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    It is well known that disposable diapers are horrible for the enironment because they will not decompose for hundreds of years. Additionally, people rarely throw the fecal matter from the disposable into the toilet (what you’re supposed to do) so a the human waste ends up seeping out of the diapers and into the ground. On the other hand, cloth diapers can be reused hundreds of times and, once they are no longer servicable as diapering material, can be transitioned into rags.

  • No More Blowouts

    I don’t know any parent who hasn’t had to deal with a serious blowout catasrophe at least once in their diapering lives. For people using disposables, that number is much higher due to the fact that the back of the diaper is not fitted to the baby. Cloth diapering virtually eliminates blowouts, and who doesn’t love having less poopy mess to deal with?!

  • Cute Designs

    OK, this one is pretty self-explanitory. There are some seriously cute cloth diapers out there. Whether for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral, there are styles and patterns for every parent to adore.