Diaper Covers & All-In-Two’s

Diaper covers and All-In-Two’s (AI2) are wonderfully versatile! They can be paired with minky inserts , a prefold, or a fitted diaper. Diaper covers secure these absorbent layers in place while keeping them waterproof. They are quick drying and can be reused after urine-only changes. Simply take the absorbent fabric out, wipe down the cover, and reuse (we suggest doing this only one time before changing covers). Like pocket and all-in-one diapers, the different snaps allow the diaper cover to grow with your little one. Hand or machine wash hot and hang dry to clean.

All-In-Two’s have the added bonus of snapping into the cover! Best Bottoms are a top brand that adds premium absorbancy with double gussets to make sure your diapers will stand the test of time.

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